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Top fishing machine‘s function and maintenance

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Fishing machine function
1. According to the water pressure and depth, the voltage is automatically adjusted, the power supply is adjusted, and the high, medium and low gears are installed in the machine. The power switch is adjusted according to the water quality and various fish conditions.
2, regardless of salty, light water quality, the deep water animals stunned the target control to make it float.
3, ultra-high tracking fish population discharge detector, specifically to deal with cold-blooded animals in the water, safe and harmless to the fishermen.
4. Adjust the power supply according to the depth of the water, and install the high, medium and low gears in the machine;
5. Select the power switch according to the water quality and the condition of various fishes;
6, the stimulation point targeted identification function: fishing equipment will identify the fish’s stimulation point, just fish and not hurt the fish. By stimulating the fish’s nervous system and constraining its respiratory system, the fish can float faster and more quickly. After the aging effect, the fish can resume its original fresh vitality state, which can be put back into the original place or cage and then cultured, and can be sold to the market with good selling and fresh quality. While paying attention to the production of fishing, it has taken good care of the quality and has also obtained certain protection for fishery resources.
7, large and small fish target identification function: fishing equipment will identify the fish body, take the big fish house small fish.

Maintenance of fishing machines:
The fishing machine is most prone to high-speed circuit flashover, and the ignition between the control electrode and the anode is most likely to occur. In response to this problem, we have added an anti-fire isolation to further ensure the reliability of the machine.
The fishing machine drive control part is also a relatively easy to get wet damage to the machine. The power source of the entire electric fish machine is completely controlled by the driving control of the main control drive. If the main drive of the fishing device is damp, a pulse can burn the entire machine. Many machines on the market are not designed to be fully compatible with heat dissipation and moisture. We fully consider the working environment of the machine in the design of the machine. Using the baffle radiator, it can not only prevent moisture, but also forcibly dissipate heat.

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Post time: 2019-07-02