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Arcade Fishing 3 Plus Thanos Avengers Fishing Slot Machine

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Arcade Fishing 3 Plus Thanos Avengers Fishing Slot Machine

For 6/8 players, profit adjustable.

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Arcade Fishing 3 Plus Thanos Avengers Fishing Slot Machine

what are the configurations of the Fishing Slot Machine?

(1)key in/out function makes it easy for the operator to operate the machine.

(2)Input/output options.coin in/out.banknote or thermal printer.make it suitable for any area.

(3)Host computer and software manufacturer.

(4)Display manufacture,32″55″85″LG.LCD display.

(5)Support 4. 6.8. 10. players.


  1. Where have you sold the Fishing Slot Machine?
    The most to USA, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Chile etc.
  2. Can we custom customer’s LOGO, software, games?
    Welcome customize your own LOGO, software,games ,different fish game model for choice;
  3. Can you help us install casino swipe card reader system?
    That is our professional job to install the card system.
  4. How to pack it?
    By seal wood box.
  5. How is Poker’s after service?
    Mostly warranty is 1 year after shipping, offering technical support as well.
    Some free damageable replacement can be offer for some products.

Please contact us for more details of the Fishing Slot Machine.

we will give you professional advice.

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